Zero Dollar Bill


Quantity Cost per Bill
5 - 24 $0.98
25 - 99 $0.55
100 - 499 $0.22
500 - 999 $0.16
1000 - 2999 $0.11
3000 - 4999 $0.10
5000 - 9999 $0.09
10000 + $0.08
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Our Zero Dollar Bill is printed on the front and back.  It is the same size as real US currency.  The Zero Dollar Bill is beautifully designed.  Use these Zero Dollar Bills in schools, at parties, sell them at retail stores, sell them in online auctions or use them in promotions. Our Zero Dollar Bill make for a great favor, gift or collection item.  All of our novelty money, funny money and fake money is extremely popular and can be used in hundreds of unique and fun ways.


American Art Classics Zero Dollar Bill – Authentic Quality Fake Dollar Bills, Ideal for Teaching, Gifting or Collecting Fake Bills

Introducing the American Art Classics Set of Zero Dollar Bill, a perfect blend of reality and novelty. This pack offers dollar bills prop money that is so realistic, it’s the ultimate prop money dollar bills. These fake dollar bills look almost like real dollar bills, complete with the intricate designs and color schemes seen on real money.

High Quality Prop Money: American Art Classics Set of Zero Dollar Bill is designed as prop money realistic dollar bills. Perfect for pranks, games, and movie scenes.

Zero Front

Realistic Fake Money:

Designed to look like real money, our fake zero bill is great for training purposes, props, and pranks. Its realistic design makes it indistinguishable from the real thing…almost.

Each dollar bill in this set is meticulously designed to look and feel authentic. The attention to detail is remarkable, making it ideal for pranks, movie shoots, or as play money for educating children about currency. This realistic prop money also works great for stage performances or as a unique gift for money enthusiasts.

The American Art Classics prop money is not just about the zero dollar bills. We also offer all denominations of prop money, making a comprehensive set for all your prop money needs.

Zero Bill

Zero Front

Zero Back

Made In The USA

Versatile Usage:

The realistic prop money is suitable for a wide range of uses, from educational purposes, to fake dollars for movie productions and magic tricks.

The package includes realistic dollar bill replicas. These fake dollar bills look real and are perfect for various uses, from playing games to teaching financial literacy.

Authentic Replica:

Our zero dollar bill money is an almost perfect copy of dollar bills. The fake bills are ideal for teaching financial responsibility or for use as realistic movie props.

Whether it’s for a prank, a movie shoot, or just to have some fun, the American Art Classics Zero Dollar Bill is the ideal choice.

Safe and Fun:

This set of zero dollar bills is not legal tender and is intended for fun. Use these as play money or as realistic money for pretend play or stage use.

Made In The USA:

Remember, while these zero dollar bills look real, they are still prop money and not legal tender. Use them responsibly and enjoy the fun and realism they bring. So why wait? Add this stack of fake bills to your cart today and experience the thrill of handling realistic funny, novelty dollar bills!


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